Zoe Eather
Zoe is an engineer and a millennial with a passion for Smart Communities, Smart Cities and Smart Regions. She believes in using technology and Smart ways of thinking as enablers to make the places we live more accessible, liveable and sustainable for all. Zoe keeps up-to-date with the latest trends and shares her learnings through hosting The Smart Community Podcast. Zoe’s background includes civil construction, project management, environmental engineering and advanced and emerging transport technologies. Through her boutique consultancy, she offers Smart Community advisory services with a focus on Smart Mobility, Smart project management, Smart technology in regional communities, dealing with disruption and facilitating genuine collaboration.

Darren Price
Director & Consultant – Price Rural Management Pty Ltd. 
Precision Agriculture Manager – Meat & Livestock Australia.  

Darren has 34 years Rural Industry experience. He is extremely passionate about the industry, its people and its future.
Darren started the consultancy business – Price Rural Management in 2013. This business provides Agri business and rural advisory and consultancy services to clients with various size holdings and enterprises, as well as the wider agricultural industry.
In 2019 Darren joined MLA as a Precision Agriculture Manager (Consultant). This role allows Darren to provide expert knowledge and leadership in precision agriculture. Specific tasks include advancing the recent pilot digital farms/digital forums, addressing producer requests and delivering producer awareness, producer adoption and demonstrable impact of precision agriculture.
Darren held the role of General Manager with Carwoola Pastoral Company (CPC) for 22 years. CPC is a group of 4 properties comprising over 16,000 acres. With fodder crops, centre pivot irrigation and carrying capacity of 2,000 cattle and 13,000 sheep, Carwoola Pastoral was an ideal location and property mix for Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA) to evaluate digital production opportunities.
Darren possesses high level knowledge of Agri business management. Key areas include livestock production and operations, whole property and business management, financial budgeting, reporting and analysis, staff recruitment and training, business compliance and governance, digital technology implementation and integration.

Mark Dougan
Warren is passionate about all things data especially enabling others to understand complex problems via simple visualisations. Warren currently leads the analytics function at the City of Casey and is referred to as the Power BI Wizard. He founded the Local Government BI Meetup in Victoria which now had attendees from over 30 councils. Warren has spoken at multiple events and conferences including the Zurich & Melbourne Power BI User Groups. He is a Certified Data Science Associate via Dell EMC and was part of the team awarded the Victorian I-Award for AI or Machine Learning innovation of the year in 2018.

Catherin Caruana-McManus
Catherine is a global expert in Smart Cities and IoT. Co-Founder and Director of Meshed IoT Integrators, Founder of the Global Community – Giant Ideas for Smart Cities, Co-Founder and Board Member the IoT Alliance Australia. As a global leader in smart sustainable cities and digital transformation, Catherine has been awarded prestigious industry awards including the IoT Ambassador Award by the IoTAA and Smart Cities Industry Leader by Smart Cities Council. Prior to Meshed, Catherine was the Director of Smart Cities and Industries for IBM and has held other Executive positions for KPMG, MC2 Consulting, Telstra and PMP Communications and earlier in her career was a Strategic Planner for the City of Prahan (aka as Stonnington.) Catherine is an Advisory Council Member for University of Wollongong SMART Infrastructure and holds university qualifications in urban planning, economics, telecommunications, management and applied finance.

Chris Rowlands Schroder
Chris is an urban planner and is currently employed as the Innovation Officer with the City of Greater Bendigo where he is driving the innovation and smart cities agenda with a view to how Bendigo can become a City of the Future. One of Chris’ award-winning initiatives is called Clever Weather, where the City of Greater Bendigo has teamed up with La Trobe University to install 100 weather sensors throughout the city, including outer suburbs. He is passionate about improving the collaboration between academia, industry and government in order to address some of the challenges facing our cities and regions today.

Emma Van Smale Schroder
Emma Van Smale is a digital transformation professional dedicated to driving human and technological change to deliver better business benefits. Weaving human centred approaches and continuous customer engagement into solutions and cultural change are a passion. With a career spanning industrial design, marketing and communications, continuous improvement, change and customer experience – it’s easy to see why the people side of technology and adoption is a clear focus. Emma is currently merging her experience in tech start-ups and their modern methodologies with business transformation and community programs at Glenelg Shire Council.

Andrew Tupper